Monday, January 16, 2006

Eight C's

The first C is for Credit Card and Cash and everyone knows
Girls like guys that use them and to them all other guys blow.

The second C is for Career, which is a job.
And if you don’t have one, every girl thinks you’re a slob.

The third C is for Condominium or place to play.

If you don’t own one, no girl is going to want to stay.

The fourth C is for Club or bar or place where you go with your girl to meet your friends.

It may be like Cheers if it is a bar or maybe a Church if you don’t drink beer.

The fifth C is for a Car, which makes it so you can give her a ride.

The fact that a guy doesn’t have one, is one fact he is going to have to hide.

The sixth C is for Cell phone, which we all use to make calls.
And if you don’t answer when your girl phones, your relationship is in for a fall.

The seventh C is for Computer and Camera so you take pictures put them on facebook and send them in emails.
If you don’t have these, you just might be okay for a little while but sooner or later without them every relationship fails.

The eighth C is for Condoms, which guys like to get and use.
Got to have the first seven C’s though or the only real question in life is when you sit at home alone which television show are you going to choose?

It is kind of sad what momma said, “just be yourself, just be you”
It took me so long to figure out it is so not true.
She told us guys to be nice, funny, and intelligent

But it is really the eight C’s that guys really need to get.

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha it totally makes sense.