Monday, January 16, 2006

Not Enough

It’s nobody's fault
That the pain didn’t stop
I wasn’t happy and
You weren’t free
Neither of us gave enough
So that the other could just be

So we decided to leave
You to the West and
Me to the East
But I called to say hello
Because you left something behind
You wanted to quickly pick it up
So you decided to come by

A minute turns into an hour
And an hour into a night
A week passes by
And we have another fight
It winds up ending
With me not happy
And you not free
Neither of us gave enough
For the other to just be

1 comment:

S said...

I am reading your writings and poems and feeling sentimental. I guess that is how I am. Being emotional, confused and lonely most of the time. It's maybe because I am timid and afraid. I know that i am a loving person and there are things that I am good at and feel confident of, but too often all these feelings are eating me up and I am swayed by emptiness.