Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Beautiful Crime

These sweet words that I whisper in your ear.

I don't know where they come from and I really don't care.

I'm not out of control in anger but out of control in love.

When I see you sweet girl, I can't want you enough.

So we sit on the beach drinking red wine.

I gaze in your eyes as your hand falls in mine.

The ocean is smooth mirroring the full moon’s yellow light.

It rests above the horizon glowing pure and bright.

The reflection in the water shows us two moons.

One of them is for me, and the other is for you.

And as the night drifts on the moon settles close to the sea.

Both of the moons draw together, just like you and me.

And finally they touch and are in one another.

In that moment we surrender, coming together.

I am in you and you are around me.

Our boundaries are merging setting us free.

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