Thursday, April 19, 2012

I want to know.... you soulmate

I want to know…..

Can you see behind closed eyes?

Giving you faith in the other side?

Can you hear the soul whisper?

About the win to the infinite power?

Can you teach a lost soul how to be found?

Dance a holy dance on a sacred ground?

Can you move slow?

Make your voice sing low?

Is your love still alive?

Or is lost deep inside?

Can you find peace in the obscene?

And listen to the deepest meaning?

Do you guess the end of it all?

And remember before the first fall?

Can you teach me the way?

I seem to have forgot my place.

Do you dance in between the beats?

Building your spirit unto a peak?

Can you control your dreaming?

And hear wisdom in the street screaming?

Are you experienced enough to be wise?

Can you feel the stare of another’s eyes?

Can you meet me in your secret place?

Listen to my silence of nothing more to say?

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