Monday, January 16, 2006

All Alone

He’s so alone in this world
No mother to talk too
No brother to stand beside
So abandoned in this country, on his motorcycle he rides
Maybe some day he will ride to another town
Maybe he will even see his lost sisters
Are they married?
Do they have kids?
Are they divorced?
It has been over ten years since he heard his sisters’ voice.

He’s so alone in this world
No woman to talk too
No friend to fight beside
So lost in the city, in its streets he does stride
But walking the streets, he knows all their names
He gets only blank looks from empty souls
And he can give them back only the same

He is so alone in this world
No daughter to talk too
No son to be beside
So lonely in this house, only he abides
His future is the graveyard
A single priest by his bed, for his last rites
So despair, he carries so much pain
His work goes unnoticed
And his charity is unseen
Almost his whole life, he had only me
I paid for it to be written on his headstone
That, “This poor guy was all alone.”

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