Monday, January 16, 2006

Father’s Day with no Dad

A God dims his glow
And his magic stops it’s flow
A gentle man with peaceful heart
My dad had pains, he could not stop
The pressure built that made him suffer
He was not a fighter but a lover
He was not fit for the circumstance
Coerced upon him by ugly chance
My dad, I remember and still cry for
I still don’t understand this fucking world
I try to go back when I had a place
I was at home just seeing his face
Destiny is calling but it’s all different now.
The days are good but lost their intent somehow.
I remember my dad and
I still don’t know why he had to go.
And why the Gods dimmed his glow.


Anonymous said...

it's unreal isn't it? my dad is gone too, my photographs of him bring tears. he left too soon and I know how you feel on fathers day.

Jeff McDonald said...

Thanks for reading my poem and sharing. I feel a little more connected and grateful that I posted it now. It was a hard one to write.