Monday, January 16, 2006


Your empathy is not felt
And your sympathy is hollow
You have come and gone
And now the hour is desperate
You do not come by or call
Sitting there in your chair
You say you are sorry
But your sympathy is hollow

It is so easy to be sorry
So easy to let it all be on me
And not have to do with you
It is my problem, my situation
And you don’t feel responsibility
We are not a team,
We are not friends or neighbors
Just two people that pass each other
But do not share one another

Your sympathy is hollow
Because you say you understand
But you will not stand to help
You do not lift a finger
You just give idle words
And walk away
Like I am not you or you not me
But the truth is we are one and
You turn your back on me
Is turning your back on you.

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