Monday, January 16, 2006

Krispy Dream

Oh creator of the Krispy Krème
How did you make such a sweet dream?
I figured it was time for me to eat
Such a creation so delicious and neat.
I called my mom and told her to come

But I asked one little thing before she left home.
Do you know what it was?
Can you guess my great scheme?
I asked her to bring a bit of the sweet dream.
She got off the plane after a long flight.
I told her I had not eaten since the last night.
Then out of her carry on
In to my sweaty palms

Came a bag of six sweetened golden charms
I admit they were not fresh, they were not hot
The icing was melted and their bodies were shot.
They were really in fact a day and a half old
But I don’t have to say, they unleashed pleasure untold.
I ate them all very quickly with incredible speed.
I thought about giving one a way as a good deed.
But I could not resist, I ate them all so fast
And at the end I had to go and take a long nap.
But it in my rest I had a great dream

About a little golden circle and the pleasure it brings

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