Monday, January 16, 2006


Saw a poor man walking down the street.
The man looked hungry and looked beat.
But driving thirty five he blurs by.

Is it really my duty to stop and help that pitiful sight?
Didn't he get himself in that situation?
And no one told me to help him.

But in the book there is a message of love.
Wasn't there a message from the son?

Do anything for anyone.

But you know sometimes it sure feels like my spirit is tired and beat.
And if God happens to pass by my street.
It sure seems like he takes a minute to help me.
Sometimes even does miraculous things.
and when God's flying a way
A message deep down in the heart is
Just like anything was just done for you
Do anything for anyone for true loves sake.

It has to be that the son stops for people on the street
It has to be because that man on the street,
Spiritually is really me
My long days have me confused and hurt
and the spirit comes to comfort
The spirit does anything for anyone

And so tomorrow when the homeless man blurs by
It is my turn to turn around and say hi
Talk to him and make sure on the cold winters day
At least this one homeless man has a warm place to stay
And at that moment two blessings take place
One for the homeless man and one is in my heart
The whole thing happens by God's grace
Blessed is the message of the son
Anything for anyone

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